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What Makes You Wealthy?

As with most of our clients, you probably have ideas about what is truly important to you. Our unique discovery process encourages and stimulates this way of thinking. Our comprehensive financial planning approach then allows us to build scenarios based on your desires and values, which affords you the opportunity to visualize your ideal life. Then together we can plan accordingly.

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Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and have accumulated wealth in a multitude of ways. As business owners, corporate executives, medical professionals or heirs to an estate, you share a common vision: the desire to live life to the fullest.

But it's not always obvious to our clients when we first meet. While rates of return and beating the market may be your initial focus, clients often realize through our discussions and questions that beating the S&P is not a primary goal. Our focus goes well beyond the numbers. What's most important to you may be spending more time with family, educating your children or setting up an estate plan in order to leave a legacy. Or you may enjoy traveling more, helping your community through planned giving and benefiting from less stress overall. Our clients are active, vibrant people whom we admire and will do anything we can to assist. In return for the joy you bring us, our clients know that we are here to support and advise you every step of the way – in good times and in bad.

Now Comes the Fun Part: LIVING

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